Hey, this is Harika Hampi. Here I’m gonna give you the 100 reasons to learn digital marketing, but before that, you should get to know about what actually is digital marketing. 

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Nowadays digital marketing is fast-developing, which is an ever-changing skill that should learn and explore more benefits. 

As compared to traditional/inbound/conventional marketing digital marketing has a great marketing strategy and techniques that grow/increase your brand/business/sales of products digitally. While when we talk about the importance of digital marketing, it has gone more eminent from a few years now. Every company prefers to show their digital marketing strategy to attract customers online. Every small and large scale business brands are coming online because millions of people are used to the internet.

Based on the survey, there are 4.1 billion users on the internet from the world as of December 2018 and now it is increased to 4.57 billion people were active on internet  as of April 2020 . From all the continents Asia has the most internet users around 50.3% in 2020. People are spending much time on social media platforms, around 136 minutes a day. So that is the reason why marketers are taking their business online. Not only for the business persons but also there is much more opportunity in learning digital marketing to choose a career by improving your knowledge digitally and become a brand by performing as a digital marketer. Digital Hall is giving you enormous ways to know about the actual and top 100 reasons to learn digital marketing.

100 Reasons to Learn Digital Marketing:

  1. Digital marketing is the coming future because nowadays every small scale and large scale business is coming to online for more engagement with the customers who are online.
  2. Digital marketing is Fast-Paced, from the past 5 years promoting business online has become very fast and it has a lot to explore many kinds of business easily and effectively.
  3. Digital marketing is much less costly when compared to traditional marketing. In traditional marketing, it was started since the beginning of marketing and advertisements that includes TV, Newspaper, Radio, Flyers, Billboards and ads in magazines which are quite expensive to reach people. The main drawback in this traditional way is we can’t get the target audience.
  4. Digital marketing provides better learning. We can learn all about the main strategies that include SEO and SMM which are very important to grow your business online.
  5. Engagement is more in Digital marketing than traditional marketing.
  6. Digital marketing is the major platform to advertise any business.
  7. Digital marketing reaches the targeted people.
  8. The right business makes a decision based on the information collected and management.
  9. Digital marketing has dynamic career opportunities. You can choose the best ways in different fields with your interest that grows your brand.
  10. Digital marketing skills are for every graduate and non-graduates, it is beyond education.
  11. Digital marketing lets you be creative. If you are having the stuff or thoughts to be creative then digital marketing welcomes your creativity.
  12. Digital marketing can support your own business/ family business.
  13. Digital marketing improves social skills. You can understand people in a better way and do business with people’s interest.
  14. Digital marketing is all about practical knowledge. Implementing any thought or services will be in a practical way so that there is a huge scope of learning daily by the results.
  15. Digital marketing gives you self-confidence in your career. You can work and also you can accept projects by working as a freelancer.
  16. Digital marketing is a good weightage for MBA and BBA students.
  17. Digital marketing lets you become an in-demand professional.
  18. In digital marketing, social media marketing is the ever-growing platform to attract customers with your products and services.
  19. Smartphone users are high and so mobile has become a 24/7 marketing tool.
  20. Marketing online is started from e-commerce sites, Amazon and Flipkart are in the top race by exploring in many ways and attracting people in their campaigns. 
  21. Digital marketing lets you measure all kinds of ROI ( return on investments)
  22. Endless benefits to select your field in digital marketing as a career
  23. Digital marketing generates high revenue if it reaches the target audiences.
  24. In digital marketing earning money is not only from business, but it is also beyond products and services.
  25. If there is no business you can have many ways like starting a blog and generating content for others.
  26. Content marketers have a huge remuneration in digital marketing
  27. If you are having good writing skills, this is the right place to start your career.
  28. Digital marketing lets you become an agile marketing professional.
  29. Digital marketing engages you to new people every day. If you are reaching people by creating campaigns or creating content on blogs, the way they respond and interact with them builds the trust factor.
  30. Digital marketing jobs are increasing in a large number. Start your career now by learning digital marketing.
  31. Digital marketing will continue to evolve/involve the audience very quickly.
  32. Digital marketing is affordable. When compared to traditional it is more convenient in spending amount. It is a great advantage for small business brands.
  33. Digital marketing is flexible, we can have a more detailed analysis and can advertise in more ways by using SMM.
  34. Digital marketing has a large expansion
  35. Digital marketing advantage is that it is open for everyone and it is needed for every business.
  36. Digital marketing has a major vertex to improve any kind of business
  37. Job opportunities are high in digital marketing because it is a never-ending trend.
  38. Customers are online so you have to take your goods online.
  39. Digital marketing lets you live online wisely.
  40. Digital marketing allows you to get your word out quickly.
  41. Digital marketing is much more than a word of mouth.
  42. If you have a basic knowledge of digital marketing, it will automatically change your thought personality about marketing.
  43. If you are looking for a job or just want to become a freelance, then digital marketing provides you with the best results so that you will reach your goal in both ways.
  44. Business people can not ignore digital marketing. It is the best option to take the business online and become a brand.
  45. Digital marketing beats traditional marketing in every business strategy
  46. Content writers who are writing articles in newspapers/magazines can expand their image digitally.
  47. Digital marketing lets you grow very fast so that the world will recognize you digitally.
  48. Any marketing involves an understanding of what the customer/audience wants and digital marketing is the one that helps with that.
  49. Not only a job in digital marketing if you have the skill you can also start your own company.
  50. Any brand recognition becomes very fast if you reach the target audiences.
  51. Digital marketing delivers customer behavior data to measure or to optimize our campaigns.
  52. Digital marketing gives great results in generating high traffic and conversions for your business.
  53. Digital marketing builds a long term audience.
  54. Digital marketing is a non-coding skill that helps the engineering graduates to think and start their career. 
  55. Digital marketing can educate customers about the benefits of using marketing.
  56. Digital marketing helps your business stay a step ahead of your competition.
  57. Digital marketing gives you all the analytic reports exactly and genuinely.
  58. Digital marketing always has levels playing for small business and startup companies.
  59. Interactivity is more with customers if you choose digital marketing as a medium to reach.
  60. Influencer marketing gives you a better engagement for quick brand recognition.
  61. Digital marketing allows your business to expand more in the entire world. Let the world recognize you. 
  62. There is a wide scope of learning in digital marketing. There will be coming new trends tools to learn much more about the marketing strategies to develop the growth of any business.
  63. There are endless career opportunities in digital marketing
  64. Get more career making choices.
  65. Free certifications from Google, HubSpot, SEMrush and get skills and become a digital marketer.
  66. Nowadays marketing is not a human anymore
  67. You can also become a habitual liar (storyteller) by writing content for the company blogs.
  68. You can earn a lot of money by promoting /selling other brand products online through Affiliate marketing. Become a referee.
  69. Freelancer! Yes, you heard it right about freelancing in digital marketing.
  70. You can also become ZOZO of Vodafone in digital marketing.
  71. Get a chance to irritate people by sending promotional emails by writing appealing subject lines.
  72. You can play a Doctor role by checking the health of the website by auditing the company’s website.
  73. You can announce AAJ KI SANSANI ( Today’s latest news) of the company by sharing the different posts on different social media channels.
  74. Helps a student/fresher to build a rewarding and challenging career in digital marketing.
  75. You can learn more strategies by doing digital marketing. These strategies and tactics which helps you in increasing the brand name
  76. Digital marketing is more important, social media has become a new form of communication.
  77.  Digital marketing helps the business to increase the trust factor.
  78. Address the customer needs in real-time. Interactivity will be more so that we can optimize our services and rebuild our standards for brand improvement.
  79. Digital marketing makes you ready for the things which are on the internet. 
  80. You can easily check & beat competitors of your business.
  81. Can build a strong relationship with the customers. By retweeting, re-commenting to posts and this builds the trust of your brand.
  82. Can do the A/B testing, for achieving real-time results.
  83. Target a large number of audience with specific features because India is the 2nd largest population and users on the internet are more.
  84. Marketing can be done by customized targeting. There is another main advantage of re-targeting customers to generate customer traffic or leads.
  85. It is predicted that by 2020 all the services and business are going to be totally digitized.
  86. Digital marketing is Versatile. If you choose a career here in any specialization and you have to decide to train in order to make a switch.
  87. If you are good at reading people’s interest then you can upgrade it more by creativity to present on social media marketing.
  88. Digital marketing future is more secure and awesome in not only India but also in the entire world.
  89. Smartphones are getting more into the market by upgrading their performance because people are working on the latest trends of new technology to be more innovative ways to attract customers online.
  90. Growing startups trend is another reason that plays a major significant role in creating digital marketing future and scope in India.
  91. Traditional marketing methodologies that have been using TV ads, radio ads, print ads, hoardings, banners, magazines etc. But now marketing is done mostly based on online by social media, blogging, display ads, etc.
  92. Digital marketing has more powerful techniques whereas traditional marketing fails.
  93. There are many digital marketers who became successful in Indian and earn 100’s of thousands of dollars a month. Forex: Harsh Agarwal, Pradeep Chopra and Sorav Jain who are leading now as digital marketers.
  94. In the next few years, where more and more people wake up to the huge gold mine they have been sleeping on, people who had early start results will have an undeniable advantage.
  95. Today digital marketing and marketing both are becoming synonyms. The world is following the internet so become a digital marketer and get followers. 
  96. Digital marketing is not new, it has been around. In the initial phase, SEO is digital marketing now digital marketing has more channel mix, the right mix can help gain the best form of Digital marketing.
  97. In digital marketing, your job is always on-trend. You will be having new experiences every day.
  98. In India, the survey saw that there is a 20x growth in search queries from the last 5 years.
  99. On average, Indians spend around 16 hours a week online, which completely shadowed television. People started spending more time on the internet rather than watching TV.
  100. Kick start your own venture by learning Digital Marketing
100-reasons-to-Learn-Digital-Marketing-digital hall

These are the 100 different reasons that give you the intelligibility about digital marketing. Hope you all got what exactly is digital marketing. 

Thank You.

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