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Social Media Marketing is the most important platform where we can promote/publish or service any product through major social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, YouTube e.t.c Social media is now a major source of news and information. Social media marketing is the collection of online communication channels.

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If you are planning to start an online business, or if you already have one, you need to get your products or services in front of as many people. Most of the population is on the internet and social media sites.

Let’s See Some Facts About Social Media:

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Source- Oberlo
  • For content as of May 2019, total worldwide population is 7.7 billion. The internet has 4.4 billion users. Active social media users 3,499 billons.
  • Facebook is the market leader, it remains the most widely used social media platform more than 68% of people uses facebook.
  • On average, people have 7.6 social media accounts
  • The average days spent on social is 142 min a day, 91% of retail brands use 2 or more social media channels.

Social Media Marketing Business Statistics:

digital hall- statistics of social media- Source- Oberlo
Source- Oberlo
  • 81% of small and large businesses use some kind of social media site platform.
  • Social networks earned an estimated $8.3 billion for advertising in 2015
  • $ 74 billion was spent on social networks advertising in 2018
  • 38% of the organization plan to spend more than 20% of their total advertising budgets on social media channels.
  • 500 companies are actually engaging with their customers/users on Facebook, while 83% have a presence on Twitter.

For more facts go this link- MORE FACTS ABOUT DIGITAL MARKETING

Advantages of Social Media Marketing:

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Brand Awareness

Brand awareness in social media increases only when you participate and expose your product to the audience, you target. As they see your posts, photos and tweets, they got to know your personality and areas of expertise and interest.

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Increased website traffic

People won’t trust very easy, you must be in people minds. You will post to seek attention from the users only. People usually check out the frequent commenters to know whether they want to follow them on social media or not. If your website is linked in your profile, people will click on it and explore what you or your company has to offer. If you want to expose your business or a particular service/ product include a link to a landing page.

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Become a Trusted Authority

People get trust only when you concentrate on adding some value ideally of simply repeating speaking the main points, you will be viewed as the trust worth authority. Answering questions and reacting with the users, if having any issues regarding your product/service. These are the two ways to stand out.

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Real-time Marketing

However real-time marketing can be risky and tricky sometimes if you do that well, it can be rewarded. Although, most of the attempts will not go viral.  For some brands, you might have wished for the plan some aspects in advance like a logical tie-in to the event and have a team ready to execute. 

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Develop New Business Leads

Yeah if people know that you are already maintaining the quality then leads will automatically generate and you can develop the new business leads in some places where there is less aware of your brand. That always depends on your offering. More than, these leads will be at the top of the sales funnel. This is social media, not advertising, after all. 

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New Interaction Opportunities

Participating actively in social media allows you to increase the number of new kind of interaction opportunities that you have. Events might have hundreds of attendees and in online participants, so that is very impossible to meet everyone. Use social media to increase and develop new kind of relationships.

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Grow Your Follower / Fan Base

Your social media activities automatically increase organic followers and fans. People only follow the brands who have been active in posting about the new products all the times. You should plan some events so that your followers will react and they pass those pieces of information to their friends. From those, you can grow your followers,  but make sure you do not ignore these new relationships after the event done.

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